30 Things Your Fair Oaks Will and Estate Lawyer Wants You to Know

Estate planning is a pretty big field, with lots to take into consideration with your lawyer. There are complexities and confusion; but at the end of it all, there’s no doubt that coming up with a solid plan is one of the best paths for retirement, saving, what you are able to leave behind, and—of […]

How a Fair Oaks Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Assets

There’s a fairly constant drive that Fair Oaks estate planning lawyers see in our society to continually acquire assets.  After all, that’s one of the ways we accumulate wealth, which we then ask the estate planning lawyer to help us pass on.  Simply gathering more and more assets isn’t always the best approach to building […]

Solid Retirement Planning with an Estate Planning Attorney in Fair Oaks, CA

Perhaps one of the best reasons to hire an estate planning attorney in Fair Oaks, CA is because of what they can do to help with retirement planning.  Most of us have a kind of fantasy about what our retirement will look like, but a smart Fair Oaks estate planning lawyer knows that it takes […]

Make Your Estate Plan Go Further with a Stretch IRA

One of the important things to discuss with your Fair Oaks estate planning lawyer is the topic of your IRA.  Because estate planning lawyers work so extensively with these plans, they can usually offer insight into how best to utilize them.  For many people, the IRA will be left to their beneficiaries, and if done […]

Finding a Qualified Elder Law Attorney in Fair Oaks, CA

As the need for elder law attorneys in Fair Oaks, CA grows, it’s important for people to understand what they should expect from this type of professional.  While lawyers each have areas in which they excel or focus their efforts, an elder law attorney should be able to meet the specialized needs of the population […]

7 Signs that It’s Time to Update Your Estate Plan

So, you and your Fair Oaks estate planning lawyer have put together a great plan for you.  Congratulations!  You are ahead of the majority of the population already.  Keep in mind, however, that even though the hard part is done, there is some maintenance that you and your attorney will want to do from time […]

Make Your Wishes For Your Facebook Account Known Using The Legacy Contact Feature

As our lives become increasingly digital, more and more of the assets we accumulate are based in technology or created online. Estate planning attorneys have the important job of educating their clients on how to handle “digital assets” in the event of a person’s death or incapacity, and then helping the client document such wishes […]

The Infamous Prenup and the Fair Oaks Lawyers Who Create Them

Most often the term prenuptial agreement comes up when some celebrity split is splashed across the tabloids.  What you don’t usually hear about are the prenup lawyers who are charged with making sure the stars are covered in the case of a high-profile divorce.  We may not have a lot of famous folks here in […]

Estate Planning Concerns for Young Professionals in Fair Oaks – Part II

In the previous part of this series, we looked at three of the documents that a Fair Oaks estate lawyer would most recommend for a new, young professional: Beneficiary Designations Financial Power of Attorney Advance Healthcare Directive (Medical Power of Attorney) There is one final must-have document for the young professional, however. Last Will and […]

Fair Oaks Trust Lawyer: How to Protect Inherited IRAs From Future Bankruptcy

Fair Oaks trust lawyers are abuzz following a recent US Supreme Court decision that will have big implications for clients.  The fact that these professionals keep up-to-date on legislation and court decisions that affect their clients is one of the most important reasons not only to hire an estate planning lawyer in the first place, […]

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