Folsom Elder Law Attorney Warns: “Adult Children May Be Responsible for Their Parent’s Nursing Home Bill!”

Most people don’t realize the high cost of nursing home care until an aging parent’s health declines to the point that they need to move into one. As a Folsom elder law attorney, I can’t stress enough that this is a really bad time to learn that your family could need to come up with […]

Pre-Planning with a Sacramento Elder Lawyer for Nursing Home Care

One of the more difficult topics that Sacramento elder lawyers and their clients must discuss is the potential need for nursing home care. However, talking about it and knowing the options is actually one of the things that can make things easier. With the help of a good elder lawyer in Sacramento, seniors and their […]

Pre-Planning with a Fair Oaks Elder Law Attorney for Nursing Home Care

One of the more difficult topics that elder law lawyers in Sacramento and their clients must discuss is the potential need for assisted living or nursing home care. However, talking about it before the need arises and knowing the options is actually one of the things that can make things easier. With the help of […]

Talk to Your Elder Care Lawyer in Fair Oaks about the VA, Assisted Living, and Nursing Home Costs

One of the biggest concerns for clients of elder lawyers in Fair Oaks is how to pay for long-term care if and when it becomes needed.  This question doesn’t go away simply because the client is a veteran of the armed forces, but it does have some different possible answers.  Those who are eligible for […]

QUESTION: Does the VA cover nursing home care?

To be eligible for nursing home care in Sacramento, you must be enrolled in the VA health care system or be eligible for VA health care without the need to enroll. Nursing Home Care is a regular, covered benefit for these two groups: Veterans rated 70 percent service-connected or greater Veterans with a 60-percent service-connected […]

Long-Term Care Awareness Month: Facing the Facts and Being Prepared

Long-term care is an issue most people avoid like the plague.  No one likes to think about getting old, losing their independence or having to spend any length of time in a nursing home or other long-term care facility. Because of these fears, many people tune the issue of long-term care planning out all together.   […]

Sacramento Trust Attorney Offers Ways to Approach Estate Planning Conversations With Mom or Dad

As a Sacramento trust attorney, I often meet with people who are concerned about their parent’s end of life affairs. They want to make sure their parent’s assets and wishes stay protected if something happens to them, but they just aren’t sure where to begin the process. In fact, as I start to ask questions, […]

Advice on Medicare and Medicaid from a Wills and Trusts Lawyer in Sacramento

As an estate planning and elder care lawyer in Sacramento, I’m often asked what is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid and how can you best prepare for long-term care. For starters, Medicare provides coverage to people over the age of 65, and is similar to regular health insurance. Medicare is also a federal program, […]

Determining if a surviving spouse should continue to live alone | Sacramento Elder Lawyer

When a loved one passes away, the grief doesn’t go away after the burial. This is especially true for surviving spouses who have most likely spent the majority of their life living with, and caring for the deceased. While life may return to normal for the rest of the family, the surviving spouse is often […]

Fair Oaks Elder Lawyer Urges Adults to Have ‘Tough Conversations’ With Mom or Dad for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Awareness Week

By: Heather Chubb, Fair Oaks elder lawyer “Does mom want to live in a nursing home?” “Does dad consider living with Alzheimer’s or Dementia to be quality of life?” “Is there legal documentation in place that ensures someone can act financially on mom or dad’s behalf if they are unable to?” These are just three […]

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