How to Handle International Assets and Property in Your Sacramento County Estate Planning

Often, when we think of someone having property overseas, we think of George Clooney and his Italian villa or Richard Branson and his private island. However, plenty of everyday Americans own property or assets in other countries, and it may become part of their estates when they pass on. There are special considerations to keep […]

Folsom Asset Protection Lawyer: 5 Best Strategies to Protect Everything You Own and Love

It is an unfortunate fact of life that lawsuits are generally brought against those who have “deep pockets.” Litigators don’t want to go through the time and cost of a drawn-out trial if there is no money to be made; hence, large lawsuits are typically only filed against those individuals who have a significant amount […]

Developing a Qualified Personal Residence Trust with a Folsom Estate Planning Lawyer

Most people recognize that Folsom estate planning lawyers work hard to protect their clients’ assets to maximize an estate after the individual’s death, but this is really only one aspect of the job. Estate planning lawyers help families and individuals to plan for their own futures with retirement planning, help with investment strategies to increase […]

A Helpful Look at the Differences Between Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Will and estate lawyers in Folsom are most often considered by folks who are wanting to put their end-of-life affairs in order. The lawyer helps them to draw up important documents such as powers of attorney and medical directives, as well as to develop a plan for how an individual’s property will be distributed upon […]

Scam Alert! Scam Involving Property Deeds

Several times of the last few weeks we have received calls from frantic clients who have received an official-looking letter from “Property Transfer Services” that contains language indicating that some transfer of their property had taken place.  The letter is not a bill; far from it.  It’s actually a scam.  These types of solicitations crop […]

Continuing Legal Concerns For California Same-Sex Couples Following The Overturn of DOMA and Proposition 8

In a landmark 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court paved the way on Tuesday for marriage equality by overturning section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which defines marriage between a man and a woman on the federal level. Likewise, the Court chose to “decline” to uphold California’s Proposition 8, which means that Judge […]

Sacramento Guardianship Attorney Advises Couples to Include Frozen Embryos and other Genetic Material

Children and Estate Planning – A Natural Progression When it comes to estate planning, children are one of the biggest reasons that couples turn to a Sacramento guardianship attorney in the first place.  To be fair, though, most of the time, those children have already been born into the world.  What happens to the “assets” […]

Fair Oaks Lawyer Explains How To Tackle Estate Planning When You Live in Two States

Being able to split your time between two or more places you love is a much-desired retirement dream for many people.  A great example is those folks referred to as “snowbirds” who live further north in the US during the summer and then head back to the warmer southern states for the winter.  That allows […]

Why You Might Want Your Sacramento Asset Protection Lawyer to Create Multiple LLCs for Your Properties

As an asset protection lawyer in Sacramento, I find that it often makes sense to advise clients to create multiple LLCs when they own more than one investment property. While it might seem more convenient to simply set up one LLC for all of your properties, you can maximize your asset protection by putting each […]

Lessons Learned From Amy Winehouse: Change Your Will or Risk Your Ex-Spouse Inheriting Your Estate

It’s no secret that the late singer, Amy Winehouse, struggled to keep her personal life together as her fame grew before the public eye. But what Amy did manage to keep in meticulous order though was her estate planning, which ultimately protected her wishes and fortune following her death. It is widely reported that Amy […]

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