Ask Your Sacramento Estate Planning Attorney How Good is Your Living Will

One of the many documents an estate planning attorney in the Sacramento area will encourage clients to put together is a living will.  In California the living will is part of the Advance Healthcare Directive. Living wills have been considered incredibly important in both the legal and medical fields for 40+ years.  A living will […]

I’ve Been Named As Someone’s Health Care Agent…Now What?

Q. My 80 year old mom, who is in relatively good health, just filled out an Advance Healthcare Directive at her doctor’s office and named me as her agent.  Now what do I do? A. I’m pleased to hear that your mother’s doctor is being proactive and discussing the importance of an Advance Directive with […]

How Do I Plan for an Unexpected Disability? | Living Will Attorney in Sacramento

By Heather Chubb, Living Will Attorney in Sacramento When most people think about estate planning, they think about the distribution of assets upon death. But what happens if you become mentally incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself? You may be thinking, “My spouse has an idea of my wishes and can handle the […]

Newlyweds and estate planning – Folsom estate planning attorney on the importance of a will

By Heather Chubb, Folsom Estate Planning Attorney As a Folsom estate planning attorney, I know that young newlyweds can get so wrapped up in focusing on their new life together that they overlook the tough questions like, “What if I were to die tomorrow? What would happen to my spouse or my children? What if […]

Gold River Estate Planning Attorney Explains How to Choose a Health Care Agent

If you are over 18, choosing a health care agent is one of the most important things you can to do to make sure someone has permission to act on your behalf in a medical emergency. If you’re not familiar with the role of a health care agent, this is essentially the person who will […]

Elder Attorney in Sacramento Encourages Snowbirds to Plan for Dual Residency

By Heather Chubb, Elder Attorney in Sacramento It’s officially December, which means the “snowbirds” are starting to take flight! As an elder attorney in Sacramento, I am all too familiar with this term!  However, if you aren’t familiar with snowbirds, they are essentially people who take flight every winter in favor of a warmer climate. […]

Sacramento Elder Lawyer Discusses Spotting Changes in Elderly Relatives Over The Holidays

By Heather Chubb, Sacramento Elder Lawyer One of the greatest blessings of the holiday season is visiting with friends and loved ones that we don’t normally get to see throughout the year.  For some that means visiting with aunts, uncles, cousins and friends over a lively family dinner.  For others, the holidays are the only […]

Sacramento Elder Lawyer Thanks Caregivers for National Family Caregivers Month

I wanted to post a quick update on my blog expressing my gratitude and appreciation to all of you out there who selflessly care for aging and disabled loved ones for National Family Caregivers Month. Being a caregiver is a huge responsibility.  There are a lot of emotional headaches, financial burdens and pressures that naturally […]

Sacramento Wills Lawyer Reveals How The Right Kind of Trust Can Help Your Parents Qualify for Medi-Cal

By Heather Chubb, Sacramento Wills Lawyer As a Sacramento wills lawyer, I am all too familiar with the following scenario–mom or dad can no longer take care of themselves and the family needs to bring in some form of additional care. Perhaps that’s care from a nursing home, or maybe just some help around the […]

Sacramento Elder Lawyer Asks: Will You Allow Your Body to Live On Long After Your Mind and Quality of Life Are Gone?

By Heather Chubb, Sacramento Elder Lawyer I was moved to tears after reading this very poignant article written by a woman who watched as “modern medicine” kept her father’s body living long after his mind, and in her opinion, the essence of who he was, had gone.  You can read the article for yourself here. […]

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